Sunday, 20 March 2011

Personal Logo

Just a little post to share my personal logo I've been working on recently.  
I always struggled to combine my initials – "P" and "Z" seem not to work very well together. I'm pleased with this option, but still trying to refine and improve it and finish other options.

What do you think about it? Looking forward to your feedback!


Yviemarie said...

I love the concept here, but I must admit, I thought it was a P and an L on first glance. Perhaps if you rotated the whole logo so that the Z sat more straight it would become more recognisable. Maybe lol :) x

Patrycja Zywert said...

Hi Yviemarie, thanks for your comment! It's good to take a fresh look – and now I see it really looks like L! Rotating should help, maybe I'll need to play with the shapes of letters as well. Will post an update once I sort this out :)

PS. I really like your blog!


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