Friday, 10 September 2010

Don't forget me! Souvenirs from Poland

When I was home back in Poland I visited an interesting exhibition in Torun, titled 'Nie zapomnij o mnie!' (Don't forget me!).

It was about modern souvenirs from Poland, created by young designers who came up with new and innovative ideas for promotion of Polish culture. As the curators say:

"Projects presented at the exhibition — keepsakes and objects that can serve as traditional souvenirs — demonstrate a modern approach to the concept of locality. They advertise small or big communities with no pomposity, deconstructing the national ethos. They are often ‘meta-souvenirs’, full of irony, questioning the newest history."
Here are some of my favourites:

Fotel Kluska Śląska (Silesia Dumpling Armchair)

Ą Ę Spinki do Mankietów (Cufflinks with difficult Polish letters)

Stamps with Golonka Lux - a font inspired by Warsaw city space

To see more photos from this exhibition visit my flickr page:


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